Day 3/31

There was a time I was terrified of laughing in public. I would always squeeze my face into round ball just so I’m not laughing. Or if I felt the urge to, I would hurriedly cover my mouth.

For the longest time, I couldn’t even imagine what my laughter sounded like. I didn’t even want to think to think. It probably was one awkward sound. Eitherhoo, I never gave it much of a thought.

You see, I had an incident growing up which claimed most of my front teeth and it had stubbornly refused to grow back even after throwing the teeth on our house zinc. And so to laugh, was to be laughed at. Chief of which came from siblings and family.


I recently met someone and the first words that proceeded from his mouth were: “nice teeth” and the laughter that accompanied his words can be likened to the shout that brought down the wall of Jericho. We both had a good laugh.

I was laughing at all the times I couldn’t bare to laugh and not be laughed at. That being told “nice teeth” could actually come from a place of truth because the teeth eventually grew.

I don’t even know why he was laughing. He must have thought he was a funny guy.

Heh, funny guy.

Today I’m choosing to be grateful for one of life’s blessings — laughter. Drowning dissenting thoughts and making stomachs hurt.

I’m grateful for memes and you who post them to provoke this blessing — laughter.

Have you laughed today?



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Omotola Abidemi

Omotola Abidemi

Human, Peace and Fire. Artery in the body of nature. Raconteur. Content writer| Data Analyst| Techsis| Creative